I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel!

I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel for my vlogs – Yes, a personal, what I did today kind of vlogs. And no, it’s not because I think my life is interesting. I want to vlog because I want to collect and attract happy memories!

I have this message saved on my phone for a few months now and I really think it’s inspiring…

“we each have ONE very special life that we are living. This is it and it’s happening right now. Circumstances can change in a moment’s notice and you never know when an amazing opportunity is going to show up until it’s actively happening.” – Jess Smith

This is it and I want to document this special life. I want to slow down and live in the present and enjoy what’s happening right now. I want to train my mind to focus on the good, to appreciate even the little things and establish that habit because I know that it would also translate to other aspects and attract more positive outcomes in my life.

Blogging and Vlogging. It’s really something I want to pursue this 2021 and you’re invited to join and watch. I’m not good at it yet, but I hope you’ll join me nonetheless. Just please go easy on me and I hope you wish me well on your way!

Watch our first vlog here and I hope to see you in more of our videos this year!

If ever you decide to follow my personal journey, please subscribe and say hello in the comments! Andrei and I will really appreciate it!


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